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Bot Factory Squink-Demo - DEMO UNIT

Bot Factory Squink-Demo
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BotFactory Squink: Desktop PCB Printer -  DEMO UNIT


  • DEMO UNIT - Includes 30 Day Return Policy & Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Designed for simple circuit board prototyping
  • Browser Based Software
  • Print Conductive Ink
  • Pick-and-place functionality for board components
  • Up to 6" X 6" circuit size
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Bot Factory Squink-Demo - DEMO UNIT

0 reviews

Product Information

BotFactory Squink
PCB Prototyping, Made Simple

Electronic Circuit Fabrication at Your Desk

The Squink is a fully capable electronic circuit prototyping factory small enough to fit on your desktop. What sets the Squink apart from other circuit printers? Its simple, the Squink is able to print with conductive ink, lay down solder paste or conductive glue with incredible precision and even pick and place small components onto the board.

3 Simple Steps


The Squink’s inkjet printhead allows users to print in a low resistivity conductive ink and produce a useable circuit trace in just minutes. Both stiff and flexible substrates can be used.

This eliminates the need to wait up to several weeks for a factory to produce your porotype PCB. Instead, you can quickly load Gerber files or standard image files (JPEG, PNG, or BMP) directly on the Squink’s web interface. After loading the image, simply click print and within minutes your circuit trace is ready. 

Conductive Glue

After printing your PCB, switch over to the extruder toolhead. You can now lay down solder paste or conductive glue onto your printed or pre-fab board within minutes. Use the powerful web based software to set a custom extrusion profile for each material allowing you to get the perfect “dot” size for each application.

The Squink software is able to quickly calculate the correct amount of paste needed by taking into account the shape of the pads on the circuit.


One of the Squink’s most innovative features is its pick-and-place function. Many know that assembling complex and compact circuit components by hand can be a difficult task. It usually requires the utmost patience and very steady hands. The Squink’s pick-and-place function simplifies this process by allowing users to design their component layout in a “Centroid and Rotation” file format. After creating the file, simply drop it into the web-based software and place your components onto the designated trey. During the printing process, the Squink will pick and place each component in the exact location.

Also, The Pick and Place features on-board computer vision. It corrects offsets and rotation errors before placing every component.

See it in Action!

See What Others are Making With the Power of Squink

  • Educators - use Squink to teach students the basics of PCB design and give them the tool to finish their projects faster
  • Researchers - use Squink to get into flexible electronics, or reduce the design cycle time.
  • Businesses - Squink is an ideal replacement for developing new and innovative products, or capturing a client by prototyping their ideas quicker than competition

What's In The Box

Squink Basic
  • Squink Frame
  • Software (Free Updates)
  • Print Head
  • Glue Head
  • PnP Head
  • Starter Kit
  • Conductive Glue Bundle


BotFactory Squink
Maximum circuit size 6″ x 6″
Minimum feature size (Line width) 10 mil (0.254 mm)*, 20 mil (0.508 mm) recommended
Minimum line spacing 10 mil (0.254 mm)*, 20 mil (0.508 mm) recommended
Minimum package size 0603 (in) for two terminal packages (resistors, capacitors, etc) SOIC for ICs. Automatic placing of through-hole component is not currently supported
Machine size 17.5 x 17.5 x 15 in (45 x 45 x 38 cm)
Machine weigth 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Total assembly time (4″ x 4″ boards, 15 elements) Around 30 minutes
Cost of fabrication (without components) US$ 5 or less
Standard Ink
Number of Layers 1
Resistivity 50 mOhms/sq as measured
Supported materials Photopaper and coated Transparency Film
Advanced Ink
Number of Layers 2 (in combination with the Insulating Ink)
Resistivity 40 mOhms/sq as measured (Print multiple passes to reduce resistivity)
Supported materials FR-4 and Kapton
Trace width Max current @5V Recommended current @5V
10 mil (0.25 mm) 380 mA 250 mA
20 mil (0.5 mm) 650 mA 455 mA
30 mil (0.75 mm) 900 mA 630 mA
40 mil (1 mm) 1.2 A 840 mA
50 mil (1.25 mm) 1.4 A 980 mA
100 mil (2.5 mm) 1.8 A 1.26 A





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