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Velleman K8200 - 3D Printers

Velleman K8200
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  • The printer requires a computer to print (MAC, WIN or LINUX) and an internet connection to use the online manual and building instructions.
  • The open source hard and firmware are based on the GNU open source communities of RepRap and Sanguinololu.
  • Excelent 3D printer driving software can be downloaded
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Velleman K8200

Velleman K8200 - 3D Printers 3D Printers and Classroom Technology on Sale

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Product Information

Did you ever wanted to create your own products? Did you dream that your 3D creations became real products? This is your chance with the Velleman K8200.

It's a build it yourself 3D printer kit to print objects of maximum 20 x 20 x 20 cm using PLA or ABS filament (3 mm plastic wire). It is an extremely fast, reliable and precise printer even when printing at higher speeds. The K8200 is compatible with all free RepRap software and firmware. It is made out of aluminum profiles and is easy to assemble, it leaves room to the user to freely alter the machine and modify it to their liking. The print bed is heated.

What's the K8200 3D printer?

It’s a build it yourself 3D printer kit for everyone. It’s super easy to use, and helps you turn your ideas into real stuff you can hold, like toys and mugs.

How does it do that?

It builds up material to create a real object. It melts plastic filament, then draws with it in a very fine layer. It then builds another fine layer of plastic on top of this one, and then another, and another, building your idea in slices from the bottom up until you have a plastic object ready to hold and use.

What can I make?

As long as the piece fits into the K8200 print area, you’re limited only by your imagination! We’ve seen people make robots, planes, mugs, doorknobs, dog toys, dog tags, real shoes, phone cases, floating bath toys, napkin rings, androids, linked bracelets, chess pieces, cathedrals (very small ones though), gnomes.... and much much more! Any piece will start as a 3D model, which is then printed by the K8200.

What colours can I use?

The cartridges that work with the K8200 come in different colours: red, blue, green, ... You can use one colour at a time while printing. If you want your creation to be multi-coloured, you can print it in separate pieces and attach them together later. You cannot swap the cartridge in the middle of a print.

How long does it take to print?

The print time is proportional to the size and complexity of the creation. An average smartphone case will take about 30 minutes to print.





Linear ball bearings 8 and 10 mm
Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) for PLA and ABS
Power supply 12 V / 3 A max.
Power supply 12 V / 3 A max.
FTDI USB 2.0 to Serial
Dimensions of printable area 20 x 20 x 20cm / 7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87"
Typical printing speed 120 mm/s
Maximum print speed 150 to 300 mm/s (depending on the object to be printed)
Extrusion nozzle 0.5 mm
Extrusion thermistor NTC 100K
Extruded aluminum profiles 27.5 mm / 1.08" wide
Movement 4 NEMA 17 stepper motors
Nominal mechanical resolution X and Y: 0.015 mm (smallest step the printing plate can move in the X and Y direction)
Z: 0.781 µm (smallest step the printing plate can move in the Z direction)
Nominal printing resolution Wall thickness (X,Y): 0.5 mm
Layer thickness (Z): 0.20 - 0.25 mm
Width 50cm / 19.7"
Depth 42cm / 16.5"
Height 62cm / 24.4"
Weight 9Kg / 19.84lbs
Software Repetier version 0.84 and up



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