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FUYL Cell Locker Cube Charcoal with Digilock 22x22x20

  •  FUYL™ Cells are designed to secure valuable mobile electronic devices such as iPad devices, laptops, cell phones and more. Each Cell has five individually lockable compartments.
  •  FUYL™ Cells  create a secure charging and storage facility in any enviroment. Perfect for schools, universities, convention centers – anywhere mobile devices are used. 
  •  Mount or stack.  FUYL™ Cells are designed to adapt to your space. 
  • Designed for passive ventilation to minimize heating during charging. A fan can be added for additional air flow. 
  • Works like a safe. FUYL™ Cells have digital locks for individual use 24/7. 
  • Charge almost any device. Every compartment is equipped with a  power outlet,  dual USB charging ports capable of delivering 2.1 amps. (iPad® compatible)
    • Port A is configured for iPad devices capable of delivering the full 2.1 Amps.
    • Port B is configured for the majority of other USB devices.
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