Lulzbot RM-NY0008

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Bridge Nylon 3mm Filament 1lb Reel (Taulman)

  • Since Bridge prints cleanly and easily you can print complex models that are ready to be used
  • The combination of strength, reduced shrinkage, and ease in printing allows you to go from 3D model to 3D printed part ready to be installed
  • Bridge Nylon filament adheres well to the bed when treated with a PVA glue solution (water & PVA(Polyvinyl Acetate) glue) or a PVA glue stick
  • Bridge Nylon warps less than Nylon 618, 645 but slightly more than ABS, and prints well at 235°C. Like other Taulman nylons
  • Bridge can be dyed using Rit® brand dye to achieve custom color profiles
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