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RM-PL0089] Proto-Pasta HT PLA Filament (2.85 mm, 0.5 kg Spool, Silver Smoke)

  • Silver Smoke High Temp PLA 2.85mm/500g (Proto-Pasta)
  • High Temp PLA has two different finishes when 3D printed translucent when freshly printed, or opaque when heat-treated
  • The low warp when 3D printed, High Temp PLA is perfect for objects requiring assembly, dimensional accuracy, and stability
  • Anneal (heat-treat) your 3D printed objects in an oven at 60°C(140°) - 110°C(230°F) for less than an hour, or until your printed object takes on an opaque finish. Once heat-treated, your 3D printed part will be stiffer, stronger, and able to withstand warmer environments up to 140°C (285°F)
  • Do not leave printed objects unattended while in an oven
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