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RM-TE0027] Fenner Drives NinjaFlex Filament (2.85 mm, 0.75 kg Spool, LulzBot Green)

  • This filament's are:
    • Soft elasticity
    • Especially combined with the custom nature of 3D printing
    • Make it ideal for costumes
    • Cell phone cases
    • Covers
    • Grips And thin sturdy membranes
  • When using hexagonal infill you can even create objects that are stiffer along one axis orientation, while the other axes remain soft and squishy
  • Since NinjaFlex is softer and bends more easily, it needs to be printed with the Flexystruder Tool Head
  • NinjaFlex's high elasticity also requires it to be printed at lower speeds and at a larger layer height than standard filaments.
  • Advanced users can utilize its ability to bind to ABS when using a FlexyDually Tool Head to make
    • Prosthetics
    • Live hinges
    • Wearables
    • Complex 3D printed items
    • Other projects requiring flexible
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