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  • Allows full remote control of the computer desktop and interactive whiteboard.
  • The instructor can freely walk about the class or engage with students individually while maintaining command of the interactive lesson material
  • Can be moved up to 30 feet (10m) away from the master computer
  • Has an 8"X 6" working area which gives easy access to mimio tools and Studio 6 software functions to control interactive lessons
  • 50 mimio Pads can be added to one system
  • Requires no special set up on your computer
  • Does not rely on line-of-sight and will not interfere with your existing WiFi network or other wireless devices such as Bluetooth
  • Provides up to 16 hours of wireless operation and can also be charged using the USB port
  • Works with MimioStudio 10 and higher on a Windows, Mac, or Linux OS
  • Teacher & student modes
  • Two-year warranty on MimioPad tablet from date of purchase, with an additional 3 years with product registration at mimio.com/warranty, for a total of 5 years.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone interactive device or in tandem with an interactive whiteboard. If used with any of the Mimio interactive whiteboards, MimioPad tablets can be supported with a single activated installation of MimioStudio software.
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