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  • Mount it to your whiteboard magnetically, so it's easy to move it to different classrooms or remove it for safekeeping.
  • Concentrate on being a teacher, not a techie.
  • Create engaging, student-centered, interactive lessons with the included MimioStudio software.
  • Enjoy all the tools you need to encourage active learning.
  • Be certain that its rugged design will help it last through years of classroom use.
  • Meet the requirements of your school budget
  • Includes Mimiostylus pen and Mimiohub wireless receiver
  • Save, edit, and print whiteboard notes for students anytime, in a variety of formats (including PDF, JPEG, and HTML)
  • Add student drawings to lessons on the fly
  • Convert handwriting into font-based text with one click
  • Switch dynamically between Capture mode and Interactive mode
  • Teacher and Student Modes
  • Top ink capture system on the market enables teachers to save notes made with dry erase markers in a MimioStudio™ Notebook file
  • The teacher can switch dynamically between MimioCapture pens and the MimioTeach stylus by simply touching either one to the board. MimioStudio software detects which implement you are using and switches to the appropriate mode
  • Captures and saves four dry erase ink colours
  • Converts handwriting into text in documents
  • Pens automatically recharge in table-top recharging tray
  • No projector is needed to enjoy MimioCapture functionality
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