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Mimio 1910210
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  • MimioStudio Notebook – multi-page workspace
  • Easy-to-use toolbar with powerful interactive tools
  • NEW ‒ MimioStudio software allows up to 3 mobile-device connections with the MimioMobile app. Connect every mobile device in the classroom with the purchase of an annual MimioMobile license.
  • MimioStudio Collaborate feature works seamlessly with any mix of new MimioPad tablets and mobile devices running the MimioMobile app.
  • Pass desktop control to students who are using MimioPad tablets and/or Apple and Android devices equipped with the MimioMobile app.
  • Integrates all MimioClassroom products with one easy-to-use software package
  • Collaborate feature supports CCSS guidelines for student-centric and collaborative learning opportunities
  • Students can work interactively in small groups, with multiple student devices in use simultaneously
  • Includes MimioStudio Gradebook, which automatically records multiple-choice, numeric, and short-answer responses to assessment questions, and eliminates the need for teachers to hand-grade tests
  • Imports files from SMART, Promethean, PowerPoint, Common File Format (IWB), video, and web pages*, so teachers can use content they already have
  • ActivityWizard offers a built-in knowledge engine to help teachers generate educationally sound and engaging teaching activities in minutes
  • Includes a 2 computer license, for in-classroom and home use.
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Mimio MimioStudio

Mimio 1910210 3D Printers and Classroom Technology on Sale

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Product Information

The Mimio 1910210 MimioStudio User License includes the powerful Collaborate feature, which allows students to work interactively in small groups using the new MimioPad wireless pen tablets and mobile devices equipped with the MimioMobile application. Includes a 2 computer license, for in-classroom and home use.

Please see the software breakdown below for full capabilities of MimioStudio:

Content and Resources

  • MimioStudio Gallery
  • ActivityWizard – built-in activity creator
  • Online Gallery – free resources from mimioconnect.com
  • DigiCore K-6 content – includes CCSS-based collaboration modules

Drawing Tools

  • Color settings
  • Brush tool
  • Pen tool
  • Highlighter
  • Line styles
  • Shapes
  • Grids


  • MimioStudio Gradebook: Store testing results automatically from MimioVote™ assessment and the MimioMobile app.
  • Answer short-essay, short-answer, or numeric-response questions, when using a mobile device with the MimioMobile app for assessment.
  • Percentage and points-based grading
  • Export to third-party-compatible grade-book formats, including CSV
  • ExamView importer (Blackboard 6.0 – 7.0 format)

Presentation Tools

  • Animations – Teachers can select from a number of preset animations and apply them to an object or group of objects.
  • Transitions
  • Spotlight
  • Reveal

Recognition Tools

  • Shape recognition
  • Multi-language handwriting recognition


  • Embedded audio, video, and Flash files
  • Imports audio, video, and Flash files
  • Audio and video remain active in imported PowerPoint files
  • Multimedia drag-and-drop
  • Records audio, video, and screen
  • Integrated with MimioView™ document camera, to record doc cam activity.
  • Video playback controls: Play/pause/rewind embedded files.

Integrated Web Browser

  • Add a Web page directly to lessons through the integrated browser.
  • Annotate directly over Web content.


  • Hardware integration: Compatible with MimioClassroom hardware and mobile devices equipped with the MimioMobile app.
  • Use with third-party interactive display products with the purchase of a user, site, or district license.

Power Tools

  • Marker capture
  • File attachment
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Onscreen keyboard


MimioStudio 11.2 software supports the following languages:
* User Guides and Help topics for these languages are available in English only.

Bahasa Indonesian*
Bahasa Malay*
British English
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)*


Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)*


Model: 1910210 Specifications
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 and higher
Standard file format Proprietary INK file format
Cross-Platform Macintosh, Windows and Linux operating systems
Controls all MimioClassroom hardware devices.
File import flexibility: Import SMART Notebook, Promethean ActivInspire, PowerPoint, Word, and Common File Format (IWB), with minimal reformatting.
Export Gradebook to CSV report format.
Export to HTML, PDF, Common File Format (IWB), and image formats.
System Requirements Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9
Linux Fedora and Ubuntu
Windows 7 or higher required for multi-touch and gestures
Includes 2 computer license, for in-classroom and home use



Spec Sheets

Q & A

Which Mimio products are compatible with MimioStudio software?
The current generation of MimioClassroom products is fully compatible with MimioStudio software. The Mimio Interactive Xi and Mimio Capture for Xi devices, which are products of our previous generation, are also perfectly compatible with our MimioStudio software. In order to access the greatest and newest features, consider always upgrading to the latest MimioStudio version.

What is the process for handling a “blended environment,” where a school already has some Mimio devices?
For blended environments, we will offer a discount to upgrade the school to a SITE license. The discount will be based on the number of classrooms using a Mimio device.

What happens if you change computers or get a new computer?
With a STANDARD MimioStudio license, the software is activated via a hardware connection, so no additional steps are required to use the software on a new computer. In the case of a SITE MimioStudio or MimioMobile license, all computers associated with a site may be enabled, so no additional steps are required to use the software on a new computer. For a USER MimioStudio license, the existing computer must be deactivated before a new computer can be enabled. At this time, the only way to accomplish this is by contacting Customer Support.

Where are Collaborate sessions stored? 
All sessions from Collaborate are stored in the MimioStudio Gallery.

Can the Collaborate feature be used without the MimioMobile app?
Yes. The Collaborate feature is available with an activated version of MimioStudio software, and can be used with the MimioPad tablet.

Is MimioStudio 11 software backwards compatible with previous versions?
Yes. Files created with MimioStudio 11 software will be backwards compatible with MimioStudio 9 software, unless the file contains:

  • A new question object (numeric, short answer, and short essay).
  • An animation that contains a trigger.

What version of PowerPoint does the user need to support object-level import?
PowerPoint 2010 and above is required. With previous versions, data will be imported as background images.


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