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  • Sparkly Black PLA Filament Small Spool
  • For Replicator Fifth Generation
  • Tight tolerances to ensure steady flow through the extruder nozzle
  • Bioplastic derived from corn
  • Produces highest print quality
  • Helps produce higher-quality prints, reduce filament problems, and minimize downtime.
  • Compared to ABS, PLA demonstrates much less part warping and curling and, for this reason, can be successfully printed without a heated build plate.
  • Details such as sharp corners and edges print well and PLA printed objects will generally have a glossier look and feel.
  • Adheres well to acrylic and to blue painter’s tape.
  • Nontoxic resin made of sugar derived from field corn and has a semisweet smell (like waffles) when heated.
  • Many communities have special compost facilities that accommodate PLA filament.
  • All filament colors are made using FDA-approved dyes.
Benefits - PLA
  • Every MakerBot PLA Filament color also undergoes long-duration testing using a large 3D model that requires 18–24 hours of print time, to ensure that there are no deviations in print quality.
  • Every MakerBot PLA Filament color is comprehensively quality tested at both high (100 micron) and medium (200 micron) layer resolutions on all MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers to verify that the filament will perform every feature that MakerBot apps offer and will reliably slice and print all types of models.
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