About Us



About Us

3Delivers is a solution expert for the 3D Printing Industry. We are the 3D Printer and Classroom Technology provider powering schools, government agencies, freelancers, resellers and more. Our manufacturer direct pricing is one of the best on the market. We pride ourselves in being brand independent. Each brand is equally represented and each solution is provided on a per client basis. We tailor the solutions to you, not the other way around.

Let our experts help you – Its FREE. We can help you make an educated buying decision before you spend money, even if it is not from us. There are many options out there but choosing the right one is the difference between a product that works for you and one that does not.

We only carry brands that have been carefully reviewed by our team. Each brand is carefully selected for their quality, affordability, usability and several other factors to make sure each customer has a printer that works.

Let us do the searching for you.
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