International Orders

International Orders

We are happy to ship to our customers who are located internationally. International orders are subject to additional handling charges, higher shipping rates, and applicable customs, duties and taxes, all of which are the responsibility of the customer. They may require 3-5 business days or more of additional processing time prior to shipment. Packing slips for International Shipments cannot be marked as a "gift" or with altered prices. Some brands may not be shipped to certain destinations due to manufacturer restrictions.


Please be aware that many manufacturers’ warranties do not provide coverage outside the US, and some products may not be exported under any circumstances due to manufacturers' restrictions or United States federal regulations. 3Delivers makes no representations regarding warranty coverage, compatibility, or serviceability for products that are used outside the US. You are responsible for the back and forth shipping and brokerage charges for returns, exchanges and warranty issues - this includes any unit that arrives DOA.


All prices on our site are in US dollars. If you are a non-US customer, your credit card company will normally convert your order total from US dollars to your local currency. We do not have control over the exchange rate, but you can get an idea of what it might be by checking this site We are not responsible for any change in the exchange rate that happens from the point you place your order and the time your credit card is charged.

Payment Terms

Export orders are accepted on the basis of payment in advance of shipment by wire transfer, or Credit Card. For International non-USA/non-Canadian credit card orders, please contact us by phone at +1-732-222-7077 or by email at Do not send payment information containing credit card numbers or financial account information via unencrypted email or fax. Sending sensitive payment information through unencrypted email may not be secure, and we will not be responsible for any loss associated with that practice. Please reference your order number on your fax or email.

*Please note we do not accept certified check or banks draft; US Postal Money orders only.

Postal Money Orders

Should be mailed directly to:


205 Westwood Ave.

Long Branch, NJ 07740 USA

Wire transfers and information

Please notify us by email or fax when the transfer is made so we can track your payment and process it in a timely manner. Please reference your order number on your fax or email.

Export Terms of Sale

Standard export quotation pricing is F.O.B. shipping point, at which point legal title and responsibility for goods is transferred to the buyer. C&F, C.I.F. and F.A.S. quotation will be offered upon request. Charges for insurance and shipping will be added to the invoice unless other arrangements were made. A handling charge will apply for special consular certification, export documentation or special packaging for sea freight. Buyer is responsible for tariffs or import duties. We will not accept back or refund packages on the grounds that you were not aware of these fees. Any taxes or shipping fees that go unpaid will automatically be charged to your account. 3Delivers and its affiliate companies are not responsible for the following. Delays due to customs, documentation needed for pick up, additional storage fees for holding a package, Power of Attorney or other form letters for release of package.

Export Compliance

By proceeding with a transaction to purchase any items from 3Delivers, the Buyer certifies that it will comply with all requirements imposed by all applicable United States and international laws, regulations and administrative policies. End User forms when needed MUST be completed entirely and will be sent back to be completed if not. We have the right to cancel an order based on the end user an its location.


United States law prohibits the sale, transfer, or export of items to Embargoed Countries and entities on the Department of State's List of Debarred Parties, the Department of Commerce's Denied Persons List, and the Department of the Treasury's Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List. It is the Buyer's responsibility to be aware of the Lists of Embargoed Countries, Debarred Parties, Denied Persons, and Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons. These Lists can be found at the U.S. Government websites listed below.

3Delivers and its affiliate companies are not responsible for: Delays due to customs, documentation needed for pick up, additional storage fees for holding a package, Power of Attorney or other form letters for release of package.

International Shipments Using USPS

Please be advised should you chose to use USPS, you do so at your own risk. You will need to abide by the guidelines and regulations put forth by USPS in filing a claim. Please be advised these claims may take several months before a resolution is reached. We cannot issue any type of refund until the USPS settles the claim. Once the claim is settled a credit will be issued minus any deductible imposed by the Post Office. Note USPS will NOT ensure packages shipped to many countries.